This App Kills Writer’s Block

Cease Typing and Lose All Your Work. It’s That Simple.


There are certain things a writer requires to produce greatness. 



And, some days, nothing gets the job done like sheer, abject terror.

For the latter, check out Squibler’s Most Dangerous Writing App. It’s a web platform that forces you to write and keep on writing at the risk of losing everything.

We know you’re capable of writing the great American novel. Or at least the great American grocery list. If only you could find a way to deal with the sudden onset of writer’s block…

The app operates on the same principle as that horrible incident we’re all too familiar with. You know the one: where you’re 99.9% finished with your work, and then a power surge/errant keystroke/klutzy fumble for your whiskey erases everything you’ve just written. Only this thing does that on purpose. 

Should you be feeling brave, simply go to the site. You can request a prompt to kickstart some ideas or just start writing on your own. Once you get to it, you’ll need to type something and keep on typing that something. Because if you dare cease the function of your fingers for five seconds, everything you’ve already written will blur and then vanish before your weeping eyes.

However, if you do manage to tap into your inner Kerouac and make it through three furious minutes of nonstop inscription (or up to one hour, depending on how hardcore your settings), you’ll be able to directly download your genius onto a Word doc or PDF.

It’s all part of a bigger community-supported platform designed to help you write your very best. It also includes novel and screenplay templates, the ability to create story boards and avoid grammatical and structural mistakes while instantly saving everything you write to the Cloud.

Just in case you don’t see writing as an extreme sport.

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