10 Essentials for Summer Road Trips

Hit the Road, but Only After You Read This

Image: Dino Reichmuth / Unsplash

If the road is calling your name, you should listen to it.

Because piling in the car and then driving somewhere that's not your own home is a time-honored tradition, and one that occurs with frequency in this season called summer.

With that in mind, we've rounded up 10 of the best, most helpful items to make your road trip better and easier than it has any right to be. So toss the following items in the backseat, buckle up, and head west. Or whichever direction will take you where you want to go.

First up, you need something to carry all your stuff. Something like this waterproof, waxed canvas weekender bag with harness leather straps. Boarding Pass, $175

Nothing derails a road trip quicker than uncomfortable legs. Keep things soft, breezy and functional with these easygoing hemp-cotton blend shorts. Outerknown, $78

These ready-for-anything go-bags are available in multiple sizes and stocked with whatever your situation may require. Assuming your situation requires things like flashlights, batteries, first-aid kits, hand sanitizer and multi-tools. Judy, $45-295

You did say you wanted your face to look especially handsome and your eyes to be shaded during this trip, didn’t you? Pretty sure you said that. Warby Parker, $145

Here's a handwoven roll-up blanket for sitting on, should your excursion include a picnic stop or a visit to the beach. Steven Alan, $86 

If your trip takes you off the beaten path, you'll want a reliable navigator beyond whoever's in your passenger seat. That's where this off-road GPS app comes in, with its 400,000 miles of trails, open roads and public lands. OnX Offroad, $30/year

Feeling snacky? You'll want something high in protein to stay alert and curb your hunger. Enter jerky, which will sustain you on drives, during hikes and other times when food must be eaten from a pouch. This one steers clear of nitrates, nitrites and hormones. Baja Jerky, $6.99

This insulated 25-ounce thermos keeps cold things cold and hot things hot. It also has a controlled spout, so you won't spill water all over your shirt while you drive. Stanley, $25

You want to make sure your steering wheel is in constant contact with fine North American deerskin—just like Gosling’s in "Drive." Though ideally without the ensuing murder and mayhem. Pratt and Hart, $46

Whether you're taking a long weekend on the lake or will be holed up in an isolated cabin, you're going to want a cooler stocked full of beer and other provisions. But certainly beer. Yeti, $200-400

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