A Smart, Compact Workout System That Tracks Your Movements

HyFit Gear 1 Will Help You Get Fit at Home


Remember gyms?

Yeah, those were the days...

But now, even the best of exercise intentions are often waylaid by unnecessary Zoom meetings and your fridge, which hums sweetly like a siren's call.

This ought to help. It's Hyfit Gear 1, a smart, space-saving workout system that you can use at home or anywhere you've got a few feet of real estate. It just began shipping, so you can snag one online now.

The system includes two adjustable resistance bands with ergonomic handles, two sets of wrist and ankle bands, a door anchor and some fancy sensor technology that tracks more than 20 points of real-time data during every workout. They combine accelerometer readings with an analysis of your power, force, repetitions and duration, plus your active time and rest time, to give you helpful feedback.

Obviously there's a corresponding iOS and Android app. And that's your key to the dashboard, which shows your progress and stats, including reps, resistance level and calorie burn. You can also choose from 80-plus video workouts, from strength to core to HIIT, all created by pro trainers and organized into three difficulty levels. So, if your fitness isn't quite where you'd like it right now, no worries—you can start slow and work your way up.

Also helpful: This thing's super compact and can easily fit inside a backpack or suitcase, while still leaving room for plenty of other essentials. So, unlike a Peloton or that Mirror gizmo, it can go wherever you go.

Not that you really go places these days.

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