Tempo Is a Smart Home Gym That Tracks Your Form with Motion Capture Technology

It Offers Live Classes and Looks Like a Normal Piece of Furniture


One day, artificial intelligence may result in some sort of Skynet situation, in which a self-aware computer system goes rogue and tries to wipe us all out.

Or a "Westworld" situation, in which self-aware robots go rogue and try to wipe us all out...

But until then, we'll keep talking to Alexa and letting Netflix make recommendations based on its understanding of what we like. And, in the case of this new fitness device, we'll even use A.I. to get in better shape.

Tempo is a new home gym that just might replace your favorite fitness studio. It looks like a mirror-cabinet hybrid, but it's packed with live trainer-led classes, plus 3D sensors to track your form, count your reps and even recommend how much weight to grab. It's available for pre-order now and will begin shipping this summer.

Tempo offers strength, HIIT, cardio, yoga and mobility classes, and includes everything you need for your workout. A barbell, dumbbells, weight plates and a workout mat attach to or live right inside the machine.

To ensure you're doing things properly, Tempo is equipped with motion capture tech that emits pulses of infrared light 30 times a second to generate a 3D model of your body made up of 80,000 individual points. This allows it to analyze 25 of your body’s joints, so it can evaluate your movement and give real-time feedback.

If you're leaning too far forward on your squats or enlisting your back during a biceps curl, it can let you know and correct your form. At the end of your workout, you can view your stats and even compare yourself to other users on a leaderboard.

So, this A.I. is more of the helpful sort and less of the kill-you-in-your-sleep kind.

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