You Can Go to Mars... Via Spain

A 30-Day Mars Training Program Is Open for Business


If becoming an astronaut was your childhood dream, we hope that worked out for you.

But if it didn't, don't worry, there's still time.

In fact, you can now make that dream a reality by booking an expedition to a far away land called... Spain.

Once there, you'll head underground to the coastal caves of Arredondo and inhabit Ares Station, a scientific experiment that was developed to replicate life on Mars—hostile environment, isolation and all.

So, it's not exactly Ibiza. But if you're interested, they're taking signups now for trips through fall and winter.

The experience is a joint package between TripAdvisor and Astroland, an "interplanetary agency" based in Spain that tests new technologies and develops skills we'll need to eventually sustain life on Mars. Ares Station is located within a cave that stretches 1.2 kilometers long and more than 150-feet high. There you'll find research labs, technical clothing for going out on various missions, a hydroponics lab and water production system, plus some daily life basics like a kitchen, leisure areas and a gym.

The experience lasts a total of 30 days, although most of that time is spent at home attending virtual classes and learning from real astronauts to prep you for what's to come. Assuming you move forward to the next stage, you'll fly to Spain for a little on-site training, which includes rappelling down cave walls, spacewalk training and buoyancy tests. Finally, you'll head into Ares Station for the final three days of your mission. 

Once on the very realistic set of Fake Mars, you will live like an astronaut colonizer alongside a maximum of nine other adventurers. You'll wear a space suit, eat freeze dried food and complete assigned tasks to simulate actual life on actual Mars while being remotely monitored by Astroland scientists. It should all be very helpful to Mars' first inhabitants someday.

And it'll make for a great Instagram story in the meantime. 

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