Your Private Plane Is Here

A New Way to Crowdsource and Charter Private Flights to Exotic Locales


If given the opportunity, you take the private plane. Every time. No questions asked.

Well, maybe a few questions.

Like, "How the hell do I afford it?"

We can field that one.

You use Flugy.

What sounds like an Ikea bookshelf is actually a new company that's using crowdsourcing to make private flights accessible for your next vacation. The service is taking signups now, and this is basically how it works: 

Once your city reaches a critical mass of members (roughly 1,000 people, so invite some friends), it gets the green light as an origin city. Every month, members can then vote yay or nay on potential exotic destinations, forcing a head-to-head matchup between two finalists. The first trip will be to the rainforests of Tikal, Guatemala, and future trips could be anywhere from Mexico to Hawaii to Greece. 

Once the destination is set, your city’s community manager does some leg work to align schedules, book a charter flight and set up fun things for everyone to do once you arrive, should you choose to partake.

The more people that book the trip, the more affordable it becomes. In the case of Tikal, filling a plane means you can fly there for a fraction of the typical price while avoiding the annoying layovers that come with a commercial flight. And the two Flugy members who refer the most people get to fly for free—so, that's your incentive for sharing the trip with your friends, family, colleagues, softball team, Instagram followers and barista. 

Think of it like a rideshare pool where everyone chips in. Except, instead of getting home from a bar at 2am, you do something a lot more memorable.

Like go to a bar in Guatemala.

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