The Coolest Ways to Get Around Town This Summer

Next-Level Rides for Your Daily Commute


Below is a short list of true things.

1) You need to go to work this summer.

2) But commuting on a sticky train or a bus can be a drag.

3) Also, isn't it nice to, like, be outside and stuff?

Related: we've taken it upon ourselves to find seven of the coolest, most unique ways to get around this summer, whether to work or...not-work. This roundup does not include your typical road bikes or motorcycles or cars. But it does include a few motorized rides, one hoverboard-esque device and a flying motorcycle, which may or may not be reserved for military use.

Let's hope for your sake it's the latter.

From the picture above, you might think this is a pretty sleek, if standard, road bike—albeit one with automated lights and the durability of a gravel bike. But what you can't see is the Apple Watch-esque display attached to the handlebar, which tracks everything from your speed, to your heart rate, to the weather. (Which is why we just told you about it.) Starting at $2,499, Volata Cycles 

Here's the thing about electric bikes: you don't necessarily want them to look like electric bikes. Enter: Trek's 2019 Super Commuter+ 8S, an electric bike with the aura of a red Corvette that nonetheless sustains speeds of up to 28mph, comes equipped with a long-lasting (detachable) battery pack and features a 1,000-watt headlight. Consider all future commutes sweat-free. $5,200, Trek

When you think Segway, you think insufferable tourists on overpriced tours. But this is not that kind of Segway. It's an electric scooter—the same model often deployed by Bird and Lime for their rental fleets—that's lightweight, foldable, tops out at over 18mph and, given its shock absorbers and front and rear suspension, can withstand any bumps the bike lane might throw its way. $769, Segway

The Pint is the lightest, cheapest and easiest-to-use Onewheel electric hoverboard-y thingamajig to date, complete with an LED light display that indicates battery status, a built-in handle for extra portability and Simplestop technology, which makes it...simpler to stop. $950, Onewheel

From the beginning, these Elos skateboards were designed with you in mind. By which we mean: someone who (probably) isn't adept at riding an actual skateboard. The unique shape and big wheels mean its relatively easy for even the most balance-agnostic person to pick up. And though it rides like a longboard, its size makes it ideal for commuters. $159, Elos

A slightly more advanced option: the Boosted Mini S, which is widely considered the finest (and speediest) electric skateboard on the market. It's cool because a) you can control the board's speed with a Bluetooth-enabled remote; b) you can climb hills with as much as a 20% incline; c) you can reach speeds of up to 18mph while maintaining a smooth ride, given its specially designed wheels; and d) you can totally wipe out and nobody would give you shit. $749, Boosted Mini S

A company aptly called Jetpack Aviation is developing the world's first flying motorcycle, capable of taking off from anywhere and going 150mph at altitudes of up to 15,000 feet. The company only plans on building 20 of these bad boys for recreational purposes; future production will be devoted to military use. You can preorder one now for just under $400,000. Or you can just choose any of the other options on this list. Yeah. That sounds like a much more realistic plan...$380,000, Jetpack Aviation

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