A Wearable Camera Built for the Instagram Era

The New OPKIXOne Is Ready to Capture Your Most Shareable Moments


You're at a concert.

You're at a surprise birthday party.

You're at the Eiffel Tower.

A familiar urge strikes: should documenting this right now for all of my friends to see? You answer that question with another question: shouldn't I...just be experiencing this right now for me?

In an era where Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat are constanty at our fingertips, just begging to be opened, it's hard not to run through this personal back-and-forth. So here to put your mind at ease—or just exacerbate the problem, we can't quite tell yet—is the OPKIXOne camera. It's a sleek and unobtrusive next-gen piece of wearable tech (plus: app) that lets you capture those special moments without having to think so much about capturing those special moments (which tends to ruin said special moments). You can buy it now

The camera itself is tiny. Like, smaller-than-a-USB-drive tiny. It took over 200 engineers across four continents to design it, the result of which features aerospace aluminum housing, a sapphire glass lens cover and, for good measure, components made of real gold. Depending on your preferences, and the accessories you purchase, you can either sling it around your neck, mount it on a hat, wear it as a ring or place it on the side of a pair of sunglasses. Then you just press the little red record button, go about whatever you're doing, and trust the camera to do the rest. It's capable of recording 15 minutes of video at a time. 

But, as with any movie-making enterprise, the shoot is only the beginning. Once you're done, you'll need to download the OPKIX Studio app. Then, you'll slide your camera into the slot in its egg, pair the egg with the app, and let the file transfer commence.

Ah, yes. Right. We should explain this egg. It's not an egg-egg. It's basically an egg-shaped pod for your cute little camera (or two of your cute little cameras), that somehow both charges the cameras and seamlessly transfers their data to your phone via Bluetooth. As far as eggs go, this one's pretty damn special.

After your footage has successfully transferred to your phone, you can go about editing it in the app, cutting, adjusting the volume, adding slow-mo and text and music and emojis, before sharing it directly with your friends or on social media. They'll also have a reserve of augmented reality objects you can insert into your video, as well as snippets from thousands of movies. 

Which is where things could get weird. 

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