The Vaporizer of the Future Is Available Today

Handling Herb and Oil With 26 Heat Settings and the Smooth Feel of a Bong

By Hadley Tomicki ·

You’ve come home from the bar with some new friends.

Everyone agrees that weed should be smoked.

But while you’re strictly dedicated to vaping for your health, that adorable millennial sitting to your right can only get off with a dab. And your new mates from the Szechuan pop-punk band really just want the experience of a traditional American bong toke.

The only civilized solution would be to activate the Dr. Dabber Switch. It’s a new product that’s being called the most advanced vaporizer on earth. With 26 calibrated heat settings, it allows stoners to get the full flavor from vaping cannabis flower, oil and concentrate, all with the tactile sensations of a water pipe.

To get into the science a little, a team of engineers, experts and designers built the leak-proof unit around induction heating and electromagnetic coupling, eliminating many of the hot spots, imprecise temperatures and other bothers you usually find in vaporizers that heat up to temperature electronically. This one is essentially ready to go within a few seconds of pressing “go” and can run on a rechargeable, removable battery. The vaporizer also eliminates or reduces oxygen in the bowl, preventing combustion and reducing waste.

And for the fun part, this is a vaporizer that not only heats fast, but switches (please tell us that came off with the gravitas that saying a movie’s title can have amidst a line of casual dialogue) induction cups (aka the bowls) to allow for the vaping of THC oils or herb. Great for toying with today’s ever expanding world of options that get you high. Or simply to get into dabbing if that’s what might float your boat.

We’re yet to see another vape that has a percolated glass attachment that essentially recreates a bubbler or bong, allowing you to take what feels like a giant bong toke of pure, flavorful THC vapor, right down to the gurgling water.

The power settings include modes for both oil and flower. With the aforementioned 26 temperature settings that can be precision adjusted to hone in on flavor or dense vapor and high potency, depending on what you’re seeking and the state of your herbal matter. The unit will even learn your preferred settings over time and self-adjust to please you, eventually following Dolores to the Forge before Maeve stages a dramatic, Matrix-worthy confrontation with Westworld staff. But we digress.

The Switch also features a self-cleaning mode and get this, an ambient lighting display for when it’s in stand-by. Materials are durable and of the highest quality, including a glass loading tool and carb accessory and ceramic induction cups, Add to that an attractive, smooth black matte base with a simple interface behind its extremely advanced technology and you’re looking at the biggest object of stoner lust since the first Volcano bag was filled.

The Dr. Dabber Switch sells for $399 online and in stores.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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