Dave Franco Has Some Extremely Minimalist Wallets for You

Yes, That Dave Franco

By Thompson Brandes ·

You know Dave Franco as a man of many hats. He is a charming big screen comedian and a loving husband to the immensely charming Alison Brie. He is a brother to the elder James Franco and a prevailing champion of eyebrows. He is a savior of toothy grins and a devout maker of wallets.

“Dave Franco is a maker of wallets?” you, a skeptic, ask as you lean back in your desk chair.

Yes, Dave Franco is a maker of wallets, or at least the co-founder of a company that makes them, as the newly launched Breadband is perhaps the simplest wallet ever designed—a minimal money carrier for people who want to deal with less.


The company was started after Franco and his friends noticed each other continually keeping their money together with rubber bands and hair ties in lieu of wallets. Thus the inspiration behind the Breadband’s flat design and slim, quality elastic capable of locking in up to 15 cards plus cash—the utmost of what people need on a daily basis. The end result is a seamless, clean look free of leather, chains and pockets that lead to complicated, uncomfortable bulk. Just ask Christopher Minz-Plasse, who uses a Breadband to carry his California ID every he goes. (We can only assume his McLovin fake is tucked in directly behind it.)


The Breadband is available now in three different colors—black, blue and watercolor—for just $25.

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