These A1 Meat-Scented Candles Are Having a Moment

Summer Has Never Smelled Weirder

By Thompson Brandes ·

If you asked me yesterday what a meat candle was, I would have without a doubt given you as juvenile and corrupt an answer as they come. That’s simply my terrible human nature. But that was a hypothetical 24 hours ago, and today we live in a different time, a different world—one in which meat-scented candles very much exist.


Yes, the tangy steak sauce Gods of A1 have actually gone and created the meat-scented candles you’ve been beseeching beside your charcoal grill the past decade. And they come in three desirable scents: Burger, Backyard Barbecue and Original Meat.

Drawing a bubble bath? Light up a Burger for maximum relaxation.

Stuck indoors on a rainy Saturday afternoon? You and Backyard Barbecue just became best friends.

Planning a romantic night in with a Tinder date? One whiff of Original Meat ought to break that ice right in half.

The opportunities are endless. And perhaps the best part? These beef wicks burn for a lasting 40-60 hours. Which is like, twice as long as your dad’s slow roast.

The limited-edition candles may be sold out by the time you’re reading this, but rest assured, A1 plans to have them back in stock come Father’s Day or the Fourth.

Thompson Brandes

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