VanMoof's Electric Bikes Make Commuting a Breeze

Defy the Daily Grind with a Sleek, Futuristic Two-Wheeler

By Thompson Brandes ·

The summer bicycle commute is a tried and true tale of wonder and spectacle. You hop on first thing in the morning, admire your surroundings and ride toward the morning sun. You ride hard, inspired by the day’s vast potential. But then comes the sweat, and the high-intensity quad roast, and the nausea, and then some more sweat—all of which portend a thick, haunting aroma of every terrible no-good thing you put into your body the weekend prior. 

It's this unfortunate byproduct of an otherwise idyllic daily commute that VanMoof’s Electrified X2 and S2 bicycles are designed to combat. Consider them a stylish, highly-advanced remedy that negates peddling altogether. 

VanMoof S2 in White
VanMoof X2 in Black

The Amsterdam-based cycling company’s latest redesigns come in two different sizes and colors, both of which are electric and good-looking as hell. The X2, which serves as the more compact and portable of the two models, is VanMoof’s first electric X-frame and boasts all the same tech and features as the straight-frame S2—including a 166 LED matrix display, a 150 km (or 93.2 mile) range and a 250-watt front-wheel hub motor capable of sending you up to speeds of almost 20 miles per hour. They’ve also got an all-new boost button (!) on the right handle bar, in case you need to jetpack away from traffic at 50% more acceleration than you're accustomed to. 

Needless to say, the theft of such a glorious bicycle would be heartbreaking. Which is why VanMoof’s got you covered on that front, too. Both models come with their advanced wheel-stifling Stealth Lock and “Bike Hunters” service, wherein a team of trackers will literally hunt your stolen bike down no matter where in the world it’s taken.

You can reserve the X2 and S2 beginning June 7th for $2,398-3,398, or through VanMoof+ Subscriptions for a more affordable plan.

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