Kanye West's Tweets, Illustrated

uh huh honey Places Yeezy's Most Viral Fodder Right Onto Your Coffee Table

By Thompson Brandes ·

When Kanye West takes to Twitter to spout a transfixing, albeit grating, stream of consciousness like no other, some folks simply watch and observe from the sidelines. Others aiming to seize the moment, however, opt to immortalize said tweets by turning them into a self-made book of illustrations. Which is exactly what fellow Yeezy-admirer Red Gaskell has done with his latest poetic parody venture, uh huh honey.

The 42-page paperback features some of Kanye’s best, worst and most recent tweets (or at least Gaskell’s favorites), and syncs them up to artwork created as little as days ago. Think Milk and Honey—only with Jerome in the house instead of Rupi Kaur.

At the current rate of Mr. West’s Twitter output, it’s probably safe to say a sequel could be due out by this time next week. In the meantime, you can pick up a copy of uh huh honey over at Amazon for $10.

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