The World’s First Space Hotel Is Almost Open for Business

Reserve Your Magical Outer Space Getaway Now

By Thompson Brandes ·
Orion Span

Orion Span, the latest in a slew of tech companies with big space plans, has made the groundbreaking announcement that their Aurora Station—the world’s first luxury space hotel—is now taking reservations. It’s the kind of news that puts real-life space tourism at the forefront of the travel industry, and you just a mere $9.5 million dollars away from living out your wildest fictional space dreams.

Yes, the 12-day stay is a measly $791,666 per night, but it also promises zero gravity, views of the earth’s polar aurora and endless sunsets thanks to the station’s 90-minute orbit time (so you’ll be like, 90-years-old by the time you get back to earth). You can also count on authentic astronaut experiences and an opportunity to land some prime space real estate, as the project promises to offer bona fide space condos in its near future.

You can start planning your trip and laying down the big bucks now over at Orion Span—or simply sheckle out the $80,000 installment deposits like the rest of us mortal earthlings.

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