Ice, Ice Baby

Vodka On The Rock

Generally, you like it hot, but for some things, the colder the better—like villanous Bond girls, the slopes and your vodka.

Well, your sauce is about to dip below 20 degrees (yes, that's cold). Like a cryogenic chamber for spirits, the Ice Jacket takes "on the rocks" to the extreme. You place a bottle of liquor—any size or shape—onto a solid base, slide the jacket over the bottle, fill with warm water and let it chill awhile in the freezer. In as long as it takes to freeze a tray of cubes, you will have your bottle perfectly encrusted in a thick layer of smooth, glittering ice (making it possibly the most functionally beautiful ice sculpture you've ever seen).

Grab onto the plastic base to serve—the ice sheath stays frozen for at least a few rounds (the contents generally disappear more quickly than the ice), and when the ice does melt, it deposits into the base, which means no clean-up.

And your average bottle of Stoli might start looking as splendid to look at as to taste...well, at least for a few minutes until you get thirsty.

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