Spark This Portable Campfire Up Anytime, Anywhere

Radiate Is More or Less an Instant Bonfire

By Thompson Brandes ·
Photo: Shark Tank Products

Everyone has that friend with the survival skills—the one to perpetually raise the stakes on your routine family campout.

“Just give me a few twigs and I’ll have this fire cooking in no time,” they say.

“My parents had me kidnapped and sent to boot camp in Utah as a kid,” they always explain, albeit with a pained look on their face...

Now, in a pinch, you’ll run their pompous, honcho attitude right into the sweet soil you’re laying your tents on. Because now you’ve got a Radiate Portable Campfire.

This 8”x3.5” instant-bonfire, as seen on Shark Tank, is simple and easy to use. Just pop the lid, strike a match, and let it burn for hours (up to four of them to be precise). Radiate is also reusable and made of non-toxic kosher soy wax, which means it’s environmentally friendly with no smoky smell or embers. Oh, and you can still totally roast stuff like hot dogs and marshmallows over it, too. No need to stress over that.

Radiate Outdoor Supply

We’ll never fully count out a good ol’ fashioned actual fire. But for times of short notice or, again, stunting on your friends, you can get to stocking up on Radiates over at Amazon.

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