The GIF Hat Was Inevitable

So Here Are the Best Hat GIFs For Every Occasion

By Thompson Brandes ·
Kaptur/One61 Studio

Funny GIFs, fire memes, favorite YouTube videos: everyone’s got ‘em—tucked away in the unvisited corners of their phones in case of comedic emergency. But what if you didn’t have to wait for the opportune moment in a group text? Or the occasional lighthearted office email chain? What if you could display them right on your goddamn forehead, all the time? 

That is what Kaptur—a new apparel concept currently raising funds on Indiegogo—has done here. The new hat line features a USB-charged, full-color LCD display capable of showcasing your favorite visuals from the internet. The hat syncs with Kaptur’s smartphone app, which allows you to upload, manage and organize all your options for a new look at the flip of a thumb. It's a playlist app for your head. 

But which particular bits of internet virality are the ones you need to keep stock on your hat? It's like asking, "where should I go on the internet?" So let’s save everyone some time by running through a list of potential scenarios and pinpointing the perfect hat for each...



Job Interviews

Uber Pools

Family Dinners


Logging Onto Twitter

First Dates



Domestic Arguments

Doctor's Appointments

Cold Winter Mornings



Every Single Day

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