This Remote-Controlled Monster Truck Goes 70 MPH

Traxxas's E-Revo Means You Are Into Toys Again


Fans of high-intensity toys, remote-controlled cars and a particular Ocean’s 11 scene are in for a real treat today with Traxxas’s new E-Revo R/C Monster Truck.


The miniature, off-road tanker looks somewhat akin to a tiny replica of Batman’s matte black Tumbler in The Dark Knight, and boasts similar performance features as well (minus the weaponry). It’s got a fortified drivetrain and suspension capable of handling any terrain you throw at it. Along with self-righting abilities and a power system that can crank this sucker up to 70 mph.

I have never wanted to be so fantastically tiny in my life.

The hyper-fun adult gadget is also stacked with off-road tires and four-wheel drive, so it’s durable and long-lasting (because nothing ever felt as deflating as a dying remote controlled car).

The Traxxas E-Revo releases at the end of this month for a cool $590.

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