This Apple Patent Literally Allows You to Create Things Out of Thin Air

The 3D Stylus of the Future That Requires No Surface At All


Ravenous tech deity, Apple, has recently filed a patent for a stylus that works on any number of surfaces including, but not limited to, the oxygen-rich environment that is all around you at all times. In what has to be gigantic news for designers and tech moguls alike, the application uses a pen that can be monitored by a force sensor in the tip, or even tracked using motion sensors (a type of “electromagnetic or sound-based triangulation scheme”). What this means: a computer or device could wirelessly coordinate with the stylus to locate its position in 3D space, allowing you to create 3D drawings to better demonstrate your 3D ideas to your 3D coworkers and their dumb 2D designs.


It marks the first potential concept for a stylus capable of drawing designs without a surface. And, if all goes according to plan, will mark the first time you break up with your two-timing significant other in a series of silent, midair demonstrations. Groundbreaking technology at its most practical.

No word on when a product like this could hit the market (or if it will even get made), but the patent alone provides us with some progressive insight on the future of design. And the future of charades. 

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