Turn Off the Lights, Light a Weed Candle

There's an Irish Whiskey One Too

By Thompson Brandes ·
P.F. Candle Co.

We professed our undying love of candles only a week ago, so it should come as no surprise that we’re back, wick in hand, with a couple of our favorite aromas going right now: weed and booze.

The two celebratory scents come courtesy of P.F. Candle Co., who’s No. 31: Cannabis candle is a nod to California’s recreational legalization this month. It’s a heady fragrance that evokes sultry base notes of sweet balsamic, leather, the sticky-icky-icky and that good shit. And no, it won't get you stoned, so no need to fret the underlying urge to sit around and huff candles all day.

The more classic fragrance of the pair lies with P.F.’s No. 30: Irish Whiskey—a rich, robust scent with lingering notes of pear, vanilla, cedarwood, and honey. The Jameson-inspired candle was created to capture fond memories of good times and good friends, because you’ve definitely forgotten all about those angry and violent ones by now.

Both fragrances are available in a collection of sizes and sets, including room spray, incense, and a reed diffuser.

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