Bellcycle Has Just About Reinvented the Wheel

You Ride Your Bike Backwards Now

By Thompson Brandes ·

Gone are the days of a bicycle’s handlebars sitting right there in front of you for the clutching. Gone, the times of poor cycling posture, slumped and hunched over like a mopy school child after a cold cafeteria lunch. The daily rider is in need of something fresh—a little more upright and jovial—to get from points A to B these days. Which is why a Harlem-based company has come along with an innovative twist to the routine commute: the Bellcycle, now raising dollars on Kickstarter.

The reinvention, created by Alex Bell, is not only a sauce-heavy throwback to times of inventors naming their inventions after themselves, but an idea so weird it just might stick.

The Bellcycle places the bike’s handlebars directly by your side, forcing you to steer with the back wheel and drive with the front by way of a figure-eight chain. It also exposes the chest entirely—a confident posture much akin to Happy Gilmore hitting the batting cages—allowing you to wave triumphantly at the face of impending death lurking at every corner.

The product is also a DIY assembly. Which means you, my friend, get to build your own Bellcycle with the high grade, reputable parts they’ll send you. It’s like building an Ikea dresser, only the drawers pull out from the bottom and you get to ride your dresser around town when your done.

You can get to crafting your own Bellcycle today for $249. 

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