A Private Jet Ride and Courtside Seats. For a Good Cause.

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By Sam Eichner ·
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The holiday season is a time to give back. And get back, too—depending on how naughty or nice you’ve been.

Here to provide a unique and exciting platform for both of those things is Fanthropic—the first digital philanthropic community dedicated to the conscientious sports fan. Basically, it’s a website where the more you donate to charitable causes—like the Wounded Warrior project and St. Jude Hospitable—the greater likelihood you have of winning awesome sports-related prizes and experiences. It’s pretty much textbook definition of a win-win situation.

How this works: should it interest you, you’ll enter to win one of Fanthropic’s once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Right now, that’s a VIP-style NBA Christmas experience, where you (and a lucky friend) will be whisked away on a private jet, first to New York, where you’ll get courtside seats to the Sixers-Knicks game, then to Boston, where you’ll also get courtside seats to the Wizards-Celtics game. Of course, you’ll be spending the night at a luxurious hotel, too. So, yeah. A very nice Christmas this would make.

To enter, you’ll have to donate at least $10 to the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, which supports children in need across New England area. Additionally, you’ll have the option to use your donation to purchase certain Celtics-related gifts for you or someone else—ranging in t-shirts and hoodies to jerseys signed by Larry Bird. The best part, other than the knowledge that your money is going towards a good cause: the more you donate, the greater chance you’ll have to win the ultimate experience.

In the future, Fanthropic will offer more incredible experiences—one of which, according to the site, involves the NBA All-Star Weekend.

Probably won’t want to miss out on that one. 

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