Blue Velvet

Red, White and Blue Velvet

Inside Downtown's Blue Velvet Lounge

Let's face it—our attention span just keeps getting shorter.

Which is why we're rather enthused about Blue Velvet, a suitably arousing new restaurant and lounge in downtown LA where multiple settings and a mingle-friendly atmosphere all but guarantee things won't get dull too soon.

Situated within The Flat, a six-story residential development just west of the 110, and launched by a trio that includes "T" Elliott, erstwhile purveyor of the downtown Standard's rooftop lounge, Blue Velvet (which opens in full today) uses a color-coded motif to liven up its space.

The Brown Room seats up to 50 for modern American cuisine like roasted quail and a mean short rib dip. The Blue Lounge features a sunken 17-foot granite communal table designed to spark conversation among strangers ("Try my smoked eel?"). The White Room cradles the main bar, where you can ask for an off-the-menu Black & Blue (Blue Moon and Guinness) or one of the joint's tea-infused cocktails, just like Grandma used to make (try the Earl Grey and Maker's). Farther back, the scarlet-seated Red Lounge lodges its own bar and may be sealed off for ultra-privacy. (There's even a back-alley entrance to ditch your annoying paparazzi.)

But perhaps BV's best spot for forging good times—other than poolside—is within its spacious coed restroom. One never knows where a flirtatious chat outside the fully enclosed stalls may lead.

Just make sure you remember which room you started in.


Blue Velvet
750 Garland Ave
(between 7th and 8th St at The Flat)
Los Angeles , CA, 90017

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