The Real-Life Version of Jay Gatsby's West Egg Estate Is Up for Sale

Check Out the Long Island Property That Inspired the House in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Classic Novel

By Sam Eichner ·
Photo: Compass & Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty via Bloomberg

The Long Island estate that served as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s inspiration for Jay Gatsby’s house in the author’s novel-turned-movie-turned-other-movie, The Great Gatsby, is up for sale, Bloomberg reports.

The 13-bedroom waterfront home in Sands Point on Long Island used to be the property of one Mary Harriman Rumsey, a railroad heiress and sister of then-governor of New York, W. Averell Harriman. Apparently, Rumsey offered Fitzgerald a glimpse into the aristocratic world of the uber-rich (not to mention, eugenics), and, in particular, he used her home as the basis for Gatsby’s, “a colossal affair by any standard...with a tower on one side, spanking new under a thin beard of raw ivy, and a marble swimming pool and more than forty acres of lawn and garden.” Take a look.

While it’s been renovated since the roaring '20sthere is no ivy, swimming pool or closets chock-full of highly throwable button-downsthe house, which sits on a humble 5.3 acres, is still pretty damn elegant. And at $16.88 million, we’d say it’s a stealconsidering you’d be living in the real-life home of one of American literature’s most extravagant fictional characters.

If that makes sense? That makes sense.

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