The Inventors of the Siesta Get Their Very Own Nap Café

It's Open Now in Madrid, and It's Not Nearly as Strange as It Sounds

By Sam Eichner ·
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If the Spanish are good at one thing, it’s drinking while standing up for significant periods of time with only minimal amounts of food.

If the Spanish are good at another thing, though, it’s napping. Hell, they practically invented it. And today, we’ve received news of their first “nap bar,” open now in the business district of Madrid.

It’s called Siesta & Go, which is a pretty clear indication of what this is. According to Lonely Planet, there are 19 available beds to choose from, as well as relaxing armchairs with footrests. They also offer slippers and nightshirts, in the event you’re one of those weirdos who doesn’t bring slippers and a nightshirt to work ever day.

Of course, the Spanish weren’t the first to dream up a cozy public place to nap. Cafés like this already exist in Tokyo, Paris, London and other major metropolitan cities where adults get sleepy. Personally, I’m under the impression that, as the originators of the siesta, they felt they were kind of above requiring a destination outside of the home for their citizens to catch some midday shut-eye. 

But alas, times change. And in today's world, you have take your naps wherever you can get ‘em. 
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