The Super Bowl Party Roundup

Beer Pong, Endless Barbecue and Enormous Flat Screens

By Ilana Dadras ·
0296ac1208177a9c8164ee2d08c6f6177 PhotosThe Super Bowl Party Roundup
We’ve got just a few days left until the Falcons take on the Patriots in this year’s Superbowl: a day we all plan to take a collective break to surround ourselves with huge televisions, good company and spicy buffalo wings. And to wonder, as always, just why the hell they don’t make the Monday after a national holiday. As we all well know, the viewing spot makes all the difference, so we rounded up the seven spots most worthy of your presence this Sunday and placed them all in one place. We call it the Super Bowl Party Roundup, so as to avoid confusion. Let’s go to that place now.

Ilana Dadras cannot discern between situations in which sarcasm is and is not appropriate. Her favorite things include mezcal cocktails, Big Sur and writing about herself in the third person.

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