Things to do for January 11, 2017

SoMa’s New Arcade Bar Has a Surprise for You

To Say Nothing of the New Brunch Pop-Up

By Lauren Sloss

The Caviar Party Starts Now

The Caviar Party Starts Now

The Super Bowl is almost here, and with it: the chance to achieve total snacking domination. And while there are plenty of great utility players on your radar (nachos always wear their game face), this might be the year to bring in a ringer. Like a lot of caviar. Which, incidentally, also works well on nachos. Ah, teamwork.

There’s About to Be a Secret Tron Bar in Here

There’s About to Be a Secret <em>Tron</em> Bar in Here

Picture your favorite childhood arcade. Pinball, Pac-Man, pizza and Street Fighter, right? Now, picture that arcade with 16 beers on tap, cocktails and a forthcoming Tron speakeasy that you enter through an out-of-service Tron machine. Always double check the out-of-service Tron machine.

Have a Great Big Welcome Stranger Sale

Have a Great Big Welcome Stranger Sale

There’s a time and a place for sales. And when Welcome Stranger has Norse Projects sweaters and Saturdays NYC tees and boardshorts on sale, among a multitude of other things you want, that time is now and that place is... well, Welcome Stranger. Or your laptop. Wherever.

A Grand Screening of Vertigo in Oakland

A Grand Screening of <em>Vertigo</em> in Oakland

A dark and stormy Friday night calls for a specific kind of date. Something like a screening of Vertigo at a grand art deco theater built in 1931 with serious movie palace vibes. Or exactly that.

Brunch Pop-Up. Repeat: Brunch Pop-Up.

Brunch Pop-Up. Repeat: Brunch Pop-Up.

The best weekends include breakfast sandwiches. Particularly, breakfast sandwiches on brioche buns with pickled vegetables, herb butter, bacon and avocado. Assuming that sounds good, you’ll want to check out the Eye of the Avocado pop-up, which is happening in a very real way. And is named that.

A New Souvla Is Coming to Valencia

A New Souvla Is Coming to Valencia

Souvla, that most excellent fast-casual spot with gyros and salads and roasted meats and wine, is opening a third location. It’s on Valencia, which means you can get your gyro, salad, roasted meat and wine fixes there now. Just making sure you caught that part.

Opens Jan 16, Souvla, 758 Valencia St (between 18th and 19th), 415-400-5458, see the menu

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