Things to do for January 04, 2017

Welcome to 2017. Here’s a Spartan Gym.

Plus a New Gin Bar and a New Tavern to Balance Things Out

By Jackie Gutierrez-Jones

Spartan Race: The Gym

Spartan Race: The Gym

Obligatory gym opening for the new year in 3... 2...

Here’s a new gym from the guys behind the Spartan Race. There, you’ll have Spartan trainers put you through the wringer in a 14,000-square-foot space filled with overhead ropes, nets and pipes. Hey, you did this to yourself.

Sort of a Coffee Shop, Sort of a Few Other Things

Sort of a Coffee Shop, Sort of a Few Other Things

Motorcycles and coffee. There’s a deep, life-illuminating metaphor in there somewhere. But as for today, you can just grab a latte from a Panther Coffee vet while simultaneously perusing a few vintage bikes and jackets at this new coffee shop in Wynwood. And that’s just fine.

A Much-Needed Tavern in SoFi

A Much-Needed Tavern in SoFi

A typical night at the new South Pointe Tavern looks thusly:

8:15pm: Settle into a spot next to Sophia Loren. The painting, not the actress.
8:30pm: Start with a mezcal-and-mole concoction created by local barkeep Rob Ferrara.
8:45pm: Go full pastrami Reuben sandwich.

Round of applause for your first Friday of 2017.

An Orchestra Wine Pairing. You’ll See...

An Orchestra Wine Pairing. You’ll See...

Is torrontés the right choice for a Baroque sonata? Perhaps a pinot? If these are the types of burning questions that keep you up at night, well... okay. And coincidentally, the New World Symphony is about to guide you through a night of music paired with its proper wines. Crucial life skills here.

Hope You Like Gin and Tonics

Hope You Like Gin and Tonics

A new bar called Gin + Collins is now open with cozy banquettes and gold orb lights. Let’s briefly investigate...

The Food: Spicy chicken tinga sopes. Mini Cubanos. Other delicious things.
The Booze: Six variations of the gin and tonic, including one with Spanish gin and orange marmalade.
The Name: Inevitable.

Now open, Gin + Collins, 2912 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 786-264-4720

Jackie Gutierrez-Jones

Jackie Gutierrez-Jones finds unhyphenated names quaint. She believes that croquetas and gin cocktails are suitable precursors to running and hoisting heavy weights over one’s head.

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