Things to do for November 30, 2016

NYC's Employees Only Is Coming to Town. You Should Say Hi.

Then Come the Matters of Pool Parties and Lingerie as Art

By Jackie Gutierrez-Jones

Shake Shack and Michael Schwartz Made This

Shake Shack and Michael Schwartz Made This

Harry’s Pizzeria and Shake Shack have temporarily combined forces. So now, you can find Harry’s short rib pizza in burger form at Shake Shack (ask for Harry’s Shorty Burger) and Shake Shack’s Shack-cago Dog reimagined as a pizza at Harry’s (that would be the Shack-cago Pizza). Nice to see those two getting along.

Consider This Your Basel Palate Cleanser

Consider This Your Basel Palate Cleanser

Hive. It’s an oasis in a sea of Basel-ness. So between gallery party numbers 85 and 86, you can swing by and partake in their food truck garden, quench your thirst at one of the bar pop-ups, dance or take on their skateable art installation. Consider that last one highly optional.

So Much Lingerie. Thought You Should Know.

So Much Lingerie. Thought You Should Know.

The Sagamore’s displaying a 100-year retrospective on French lingerie along with a Femme Fatale exhibit. There’ll be nudes. There’ll be holograms. There’ll be over 100 pieces including corsets from the 1880s and Lycra undergarments from the 1980s. There are just so many ways this could go.

Through Dec 6, no cover, Sagamore Hotel, 1671 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, 305-535-8088

Employees Only: The Pop-Up

Employees Only: The Pop-Up

Soon, we’ll have an Employees Only to call our very own. But until that fateful day, here’s this two-day pop-up from the beloved NYC drinkery. So go. Have your future mapped out by a fortune-teller. Dance. Drink some drinks. Realize that waiting is much more tolerable now.

Two Pool Parties. Lots of Roasted Pork.

Two Pool Parties. Lots of Roasted Pork.

The NYC party: Public School New York is running a pop-up radio installation by the Confidante’s pool with programming by Selema Masekela, Yes Julz and Uncle Luke.
The pork party: Broken Shaker’s Swig n’ Swine is back with barrels of punch and endless pork from Talde and Sweet Liberty. Pace yourself.

Jackie Gutierrez-Jones

Jackie Gutierrez-Jones finds unhyphenated names quaint. She believes that croquetas and gin cocktails are suitable precursors to running and hoisting heavy weights over one’s head.

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