Tinfoil Liquor & Grocery

This Liquor Store Has a Secret

It’s Got a Hidden Deli, with Corned Beef Sandwiches Until 3am

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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One day you’ll tell your grandkids all about this hellscape of an election year.

Though you can probably skip the part about eating a 3am corned beef sandwich in a liquor store once it was all over.

Meet Tinfoil Liquor & Grocery. It’s a liquor store with a hidden deli in the back brought to you by some Easy's Burgers and Nighthawk Breakfast Bar people, and it opens Sunday in Highland Park. Slideshow coming.

Know this...

Things will start off innocently enough.
You’ll walk into a liquor store. It’s... a liquor store. You’ll see mixers, DIY cocktail kits and shelves containing beer and spirits. Just so much of both. Yes, there’s Pappy.

Then, a secret password will come into play.
This is still real life. Ask the liquor store cashier if they sell birthday candles. He’ll buzz you through a back door that leads to that hidden deli with a tinfoil ceiling and a floor made from 60,000 laminated nickels. (We’ll wait while you do the math.)

And since it’s never too late for a sandwich...
They’ll make those for you until 3am. Roast beef with yuzu kosho dressing: done. Corned beef with swiss: of course. Macaroni salad with ham and chives: not a sandwich.


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