Berlin Gets the Quirkiest Hotel It’s Seen in a While

It’s Everything You Never Expected from a Person Who Doesn’t Exist

By Chris LaMorte ·
None 9 Photos Sir Savigny
There is no person named Sir Savigny.

But if there were, you’d probably like him. He’d be fun. He’d be well-read. He’d like a good drink now and then. He’d know the exact right place for a great burger when you’re traveling abroad and feeling a little homesick.

So... we’re glad someone invented him. And then named a hotel after him.

That would be this place: Sir Savigny, just a quirky little 44-room hotel in one of the swankier German neighborhoods, now open for your hobnobbing pleasure. (Perusing this slideshow counts as hobnobbing.)

This is part of the Sir line of European hotels, joining Sir Albert and Sir Adam in Amsterdam, with others to follow in Ibiza and Hamburg.

This Sir is located in Savignyplatz, a stylish area where you’ll spend time looking at art nouveau architecture, browsing bookstores and hitting jazz clubs. They’re just the kind of things that Savigny would have done. Again, if he existed.

When safely back at the hotel, you’ll drink an aperitif near the fire in their cozy lounge, the Winter Garden, browse books in the private library and make your way to the Butcher, the on-site restaurant. There, Scottish prime beef burgers like the Cowboy come slathered with barbecue sauce. At which point you’ll wonder why you’re eating barbecue burgers in Berlin. But you won’t care.

After, you’ll head up to your high-ceilinged suite and rest amid an eclectic assortment of odds and ends, vintage rugs, a curated art collection and a library stocked with books, then partake of the minibar. Or you could just hit the minibar first.

Sir Savigny would want it this way.
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