Things to do for October 19, 2016

Cheetos + Cookies = The Cheetos Cookie

Eat Those. Then Watch Pulp Fiction on a Rooftop. Then Go Pumpkin Bowling.

By Hadley Tomicki

E pluribus weekend.

A New Perspective on Pulp Fiction

A New Perspective on <em>Pulp Fiction</em>

Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Great movie. And a great excuse to show up to this little get-together that we’re putting on with Above Sixty Beverly Hills. Sliders. Shakes. Cigars. Whiskey. A screening of the movie we just mentioned. All present and accounted for. You probably should be, too.

Let’s Go Pumpkin Bowling

Let’s Go Pumpkin Bowling

Villains Tavern is lining up multiple pumpkin beers for you to taste on Thursday night. They could stop right there, but are opting to add two live bands, pumpkin bowling and a fortune-teller. Who probably couldn’t have predicted you’d ever go pumpkin bowling in your life.

Oct 20, 7pm, no cover, Villains Tavern, 1356 Palmetto St, Downtown, 213-613-0766

And Here We Are with a New Biergarten

And Here We Are with a New Biergarten

If you notice La Brea looking just a little more Germanic these days, you can thank Loreley. That’s a new biergarten with a traditional wooden bar, outside table seating and taps holding over 25 beers. Some of which you can actually pronounce.

Where Waffle Sandwiches and Caviar Collide

Where Waffle Sandwiches and Caviar Collide

New Brunch Option 1: Green chorizo tacos, sweet tamales and egg mulitas at Las Perlas.
New Brunch Option 2: Chicken-waffle sandwiches, caviar and bottomless Bloody Marys at Westwood’s Tuck Room Tavern.

Good thing the weekend has two days.

It’s a Cookie, but a Cheetos Cookie

It’s a Cookie, but a Cheetos Cookie

And now, four facts about the Cheetos Cookie:

1) It exists.
2) It’s salty, cheesy and sweet.
3) You can try one at Santa Monica’s Cookie Good.
4) It still exists.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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