Meet Bar Fortuna and 1905 Lounge

One’s a Prime Fall Date Spot. The Other’s More for Post-Work Drinks.

By Ilana Dadras ·
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Diving right into it today with two places you need to know about: Bar Fortuna, a winner of a sexy, dimly lit date spot, and 1905 Lounge, an art-filled refuge for post-work drinks.

Both are now open, in the West Village and near Herald Square, respectively.

Further breakdowns right here:

Bar Fortuna

Is the spot you’ll find: On the second floor of an old townhouse (that also contains Casa Apicii), up a semi-obscured staircase, behind a red door marked only by a rabbit-shaped knocker.

Which you’ll utilize: For dates. Period. The velvet banquettes, dim lighting and backgammon table in front of the fireplace lend themselves to that sort of thing.

Drinks-wise, we recommend: Their French 75, which consists of champagne, cognac, bitters and a sugar cube. They’ve also got a solid rum Old Fashioned.

Food-wise, you’re working with: Snacks, mostly. Things like saffron rice balls stuffed with taleggio cheese and veggies for dipping in anchovy-garlic vinaigrette.

Three-word summary: A solid move.

Let’s take a look around.

1905 Lounge

Is the spot you’ll find: Tucked inside of the HGU hotel—walls filled with art from the owner’s personal collection, bookshelves from which you might grab something before sinking into a leather armchair, suede couches for posting up with a drink or three. Oh, and a fireplace.

Which you’ll utilize: For an after-work cocktail, or drinks with an attractive someone before dinner elsewhere in the neighborhood.

Drinks-wise, we recommend: The Mia’s pretty unique and autumnal—it’s got whiskey, ancho chili liqueur, vermouth and chocolate bitters. Factoid: their small (but solid) selection of cocktails are all named after famous party girls, many of whom are in frames on the walls around you.

Food-wise, you’re working with: Nothing, for now—but they’re hoping to change that in the near future.

Three-word summary: When in Midtown.

Photos right through here.

And just like that, we’ve entered fireplace season.
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Bar Fortuna
at Casa Apicii
62 W 9th St
(between 5th and 6th)
New York, NY 10011
official website

1905 Lounge
at HGU New York
34 E 32nd St
(between Park and Madison)
New York, NY 10016
official website


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