Things to do for August 17, 2016

Your Weekend Diversions Include an Accordion Festival

New Beer, a Fifth Element Dance Party and Just So Many Accordions

By Lauren Sloss

Se habla weekend.

It’s a Whiskey-and-Slider Tasting at Barbarossa

It’s a Whiskey-and-Slider Tasting at Barbarossa

If you’re thinking, “After work tonight, I’d like to taste a number of rare whiskeys and, what the heck, pair them with some sliders,” then you’re in luck. Because that’s exactly what’s happening at Barbarossa this evening. Sometimes things just work out like that.

Aug 17, 6-8pm, $45, Barbarossa, 714 Montgomery St (between Washington and Jackson), 415-434-4204, tickets here

The Spanish Get Happy Hour Right

The Spanish Get Happy Hour Right

Aatxe’s new Pintxo Hour is a nightly affair with $1 bites like chorizo deviled eggs, $5 patatas bravas and $8 gin and tonics. If that doesn’t bring you happiness, well, maybe you walked into the wrong place.

Daily, 5:30-6:30pm, Aatxe, 2174 Market St (between 15th and Church), 415-471-2977

The Ol’ Fifth-Element-Screening-and-Dance-Party Combo

The Ol’ <em>Fifth-Element</em>-Screening-and-Dance-Party Combo

And then there’s this special screening of The Fifth Element in a revamped Chinatown theater that involves multiple projectors, two live shows and, oh yeah, an epic dance party to follow. Bruce Willis always insists on a dance party.

A New Reason to Drink Beer in Los Gatos

A New Reason to Drink Beer in Los Gatos

A quick jaunt down to Los Gatos sounds nice. Particularly when it involves stopping at Loma Brewing Company, a new brewpub from the Youkilis brothers. Scott’s behind great SF spots like Hog & Rocks. Kevin is... well, he’s the baseball-playing Kevin Youkilis. Anyway, they’re making beer now, and you should go drink some.

A Weekend-Long Accordion Fest: As Weird as It Sounds

A Weekend-Long Accordion Fest: As Weird as It Sounds

Here’s a thing you never knew existed: a weekend festival dedicated to all things accordion, including polka, zydeco and a pinup calendar filled with accordion-playing ladies. Strange. But nevertheless, it’s happening in Cotati, there’s beer and real summer weather, and did we mention the fact that it’s an accordion festival?

Aug 20-21, 9:30am-8pm, $17-$27, La Plaza Park (at W Sierra Ave and Old Redwood Hwy), Cotati, 707-664-0444, tickets here

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Lauren Sloss requires a climate that allows her to wear motorcycle boots daily. She likes her bourbon neat and her martinis dirty, and would like to be the lead singer of a punk rock band when she grows up.

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