Things to do for August 10, 2016

Let’s Get Some Important Oysters Back in Your Life

Basquiat, a New Brewery and the Triumphant Return of Momi Oyster

By Jackie Gutierrez-Jones

You’ve got to crawl before you weekend. 

Momi Oyster Is Back. It’s So Back.

Momi Oyster Is Back. It’s So Back.

Good news: Momi Oyster is back in your life. In the same spot, no less. More good news: you can also sit at the adjacent Tino’s and order their oysters. Or stay at Momi and order pizza from Tino’s. Reciprocity is the sincerest form of flattery.

Now open, Momi Oyster, 1040 S Miami Ave, 786-703-7812

New Brewery = All-Day Beer-ing

New Brewery = All-Day Beer-ing

Flagler Village. It’s like Fort Lauderdale’s answer to Wynwood. And it has its own brewery now. Which is great for your Saturday plans, considering they’ll be throwing an all-day party with barrel-aged beers, guest taps and sriracha-lime wings. So that’s pretty much Flagler Village.

Olympics. Champagne. Brunch. Go.

Olympics. Champagne. Brunch. Go.

Bagatelle, the brunch party behemoth that it is, has decided to get in on the Summer Games hype with an Olympics-themed brunch. Expect the usual suspects like champagne, caviar and seafood platters. But also, Rio 2016 decor along with an Olympics-inspired soundtrack and live show. Leave the Phelps face at home.

Aug 14, noon-6pm, Bagatelle Miami, 220 21st St, Miami Beach, 305-704-3900

Swine Is Basically Going Omakase on You

Swine Is Basically Going Omakase on You

Here’s the plan for dinner at Swine this Monday:

1) Settle in at a table. Do away with the menu.
2) We said do away with the menu.
3) Share your culinary desires with the chef.
4) Partake in four courses custom-made for you. With wine.
5) Leave feeling pretty good about life.

Jackie Gutierrez-Jones

Jackie Gutierrez-Jones finds unhyphenated names quaint. She believes that croquetas and gin cocktails are suitable precursors to running and hoisting heavy weights over one’s head.

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