Things to do for August 10, 2016

There’s a Pool Party, Sure. But There’s Also...

Ping-Pong, Birthday Cake and a Wes Ander-thon

By Lauren Sloss

The weekend who sold the world.

Two Incredibly Noteworthy Movie Marathons

Two Incredibly Noteworthy Movie Marathons

Wes Anderson movies: great. Robin Williams: also great. News that there’s both a Wes Ander-thon all weekend at the Roxie and a Robin Williams fest at SoMa StrEat Food on Sunday: insert overly enthusiastic word of choice here.

There’s Ping-Pong, Beer and Birthday Cake

There’s Ping-Pong, Beer and Birthday Cake

A fifth-birthday party might very well evoke images of cake and five-year-olds. But when it’s American Tripps’ fifth-birthday party, which happens on Friday, there’s ping-pong and DJs and delicious frothy beverages. And cake. There’s still cake.

Aug 12, 9pm-1am, $5 at door, Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell St (between Franklin and Van Ness), 415-861-2011

A Great Big Beer Festival in Old Oakland

A Great Big Beer Festival in Old Oakland

Here’s the part of Saturday where you stroll around drinking beers from breweries like Temescal and Evil Twin at the Oakland Beer Festival. Maybe you head into the Trappist for a sour bitter fest, or to Umami Mart for a Matsuri fest. Basically, you’re drinking beer in Oakland on Saturday.

Aug 13, noon-5pm, $30-$55, corner of 9th and Washington St, Old Oakland, tickets here

Tacos + Luchadores = Your Saturday

Tacos + Luchadores = Your Saturday

Well, looks like you’re going to a La Cocina–hosted taco festival on Pier 70 this weekend. It also looks like you’ll be watching masked Mexican wrestlers depicting good versus evil while eating tacos and drinking mezcal. We don’t make the rules.

A Very Acceptable Pool Party at the Phoenix

A Very Acceptable Pool Party at the Phoenix

A pool party with a great DJ and live bands and barbecue and drinks. You get to go to one of those this weekend at the Phoenix. Just thought we’d let you know that before you carried on living your life without knowing that.

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