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Over 200 Whiskeys Is a Good Start

The Phoenix Is Back with So Much Whiskey and So Many Steak Frites

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And the 2016 Outstanding Achievement in Naming Your Drinking Establishment award goes to...

The Phoenix.

Yes, that The Phoenix.

It’s back. Tonight. As The Phoenix LA, which will take the shape of a serious West Hollywood whiskey bar with draft cocktails and patio steak frites that looks like this.

The new space feels like it’s been waiting for you forever. Classic and Parisian-y, with antiqued mirrors and tree trunk tables beside a white marble bar where Ryan Sweeney curated 12 taps and over 200 whiskeys for you to choose from. Good luck.

You’ll come in for a drink with a friend. Time will pass. “A drink” will turn into “drinks.” “A friend” will turn into “people you call to join you for draft Palomas and cocktails like the Smokey & The Bandit with Kentucky rye and Laphroaig.”

As you wade deeper into the night, Adolfo Suaya will probably end up cooking steak frites or grilled lamb sausage for the table. His menu only has three items, which helps. Decisions are getting harder.

It might get late. You might eventually find yourself in the fetching patio-side lounge out back. Elbow draped over a friendly shoulder, plotting your private takeover of this exact space in the near future.

That would be your cue to laugh diabolically.


The Phoenix LA
8480 W 3rd St
Los Angeles, CA, 90048


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