Sauna + Gondola = This

Yes, This Is a Thing That Now Exists...

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Let’s just do a last-minute rundown of your Memorial Day weekend checklist here...

Barbecue: check.

Fully stocked cooler: check.

Mobile sauna built from a reclaimed Swiss ski gondola...

Yeah, about that last one: welcome to a brave new world where such things exist, courtesy of Saunagondel, a new outfit that’s taking the fabled ski gondolas of Switzerland and lining them in silver fir wood and cranking up the heat to about 200 degrees. Shipping now.

They just unveiled this beautiful contraption in Milan at the Salone del Mobile, where you’ll find some of the world’s most interesting and cutting-edge furniture designs come to life—alongside the sort of ridiculously unnecessary things that you must have now that you know they exist.

And, just because, here are a few more justifications for picking one of these up:

They’re designed to be portable, which means shipping and setup is a breeze. (Great for any BYO sauna parties this weekend.)

Unlike most saunas, which are dark and closed-off, the windows of the gondola provide a great view when perched on high. (Also, a great view inside, so there’s that.)

The heat is controlled by wi-fi and there’s room for four, comfortably.

Or more, depending on what you consider “comfortably.”

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