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Croque Madame Pizzas and Many a Bottled Cocktail in Little Tokyo

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“Baldoria” is an Italian word meaning “wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity.”

So... talk about setting the bar high.

Baldoria is also a new place to visit in Little Tokyo for bottled cocktails and octopus pizza from some talented Cube alumni. It opens Friday, and you can check it out here.

You’ve got a minimal, casual neighborhood spot here bridged by two long bars. One of black marble, the other of smooth walnut. Both equal in their ability to place you in close proximity to interesting Downtowners and a drink when you need one.

If you’re in the neighborhood, pop in with some friends before gallivanting through MOCA or the Arts District or wherever you do your gallivanting. Order the Caribbean duck wings and fried short rib ravioli, which are really just openings for charred octopus pizza and that croque madame pizza.

Then you’ll depart. You’ll do your thing. You’ll return later for stronger medicine. All the drinks are bottled, so maybe go for the mezcal-based Smoky Negroni. Or the five-year rye cocktail. Or a beer.

But probably not a beer.


243 S San Pedro St
Los Angeles, CA, 90012


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