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A Neighborhood Cocktail Haunt with the Spirit of an Antique Train

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Train travel’s golden age is long gone.

That’s the bad news.

But the golden age of squiring dates to Downtown bars discreetly inferring antique trains for foie gras and waffles is just beginning.

So the good news is Westbound, a dazzling Arts District bar where it will feel so right to drink a Negroni, opening Thursday in Downtown. Oh, here it is now.

It’s after work. You’re with an attractive person who likes attractive things. So you crack a blue door along One Santa Fe’s edge to present this jewel of a bar. It glows in shiny woods and leather under an inverted pyramid chandelier and generally looks like it’s been here forever.

You’ll take a booth in the slender dining room that resembles a first-class carriage on the Orient Express. Some local bartending heavyweights will make historic international drinks for you, like the Chi-Chi with coconut cream, lime and vodka. Yes, it’s served inside of a pineapple, so hopefully you’re historically into that.

You’ll have the “do we/don’t we” conversation about the foie gras and brioche waffles from the kitchen’s Mélisse vet. Spoiler: you do.

Eventually, you’ll share a nightcap on the back patio before someone swings through with fresh brownies at 1am.

Moral of the story: always be on a patio.


300 S Santa Fe Ave, Ste N
Los Angeles, CA, 90013


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