Highland Park Bowl

Mr. T’s Bowl Gets the 1933 Group Treatment

Bowling, Catwalk Burlesque and Horchata White Russians

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Even around here, an 89-year-old has no business looking this good.

Allow us to be less impossibly vague...

Starting with a simple introduction to Highland Park Bowl, a Prohibition-era bowling institution that’s been gloriously restored by the crew behind Harlowe, Sassafras, Oldfield’s and other places in which you greatly enjoy drinking. It opens Friday, and here’s the slideshow.

Your memories of Mr. T’s Bowl will be shattered. Now, you’ll have eight wooden lanes backed by a freshly unearthed 1930s pine forest mural. Below a catwalk. That’ll be sporadically enhanced by burlesque dancers. We could go on. It’s that good.

Then there are those dueling horseshoe-shaped bars with bowling pin lamps. Pick a bar. Any bar. Order your team some White Russians reincarnated with horchata cream, or a Warren Loves His Momma with jalapeño tequila, lime, aloe liqueur, IPA and hibiscus syrup. Hat tip to Throw Momma from the Train for being filmed here before captivating Cannes.

You’ll throw strikes, turkeys and baggers between lounging on huge leather sofas. You’ll share wood-oven pizzas covered in prosciutto crudo. Someone attractive may escort you to Mr. T’s Room up front to hear a band.

And across from that, a microbrewery is coming. Look for it next year.

Other beers should help with the wait.


Highland Park Bowl
5621 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA, 90042


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