A Little Like Summer Camp, Just Better

Twister, Beaches and Rope Swings on Martha’s Vineyard

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Summer camp. So many memories.

Popsicles. Swimming. Ping-pong.

The fine linens, ocean views and microbreweries.

Right, we meant Summercamp, a grande dame of a Martha’s Vineyard hotel given a retro remodel so you can relive your camp days in luxury, now booking for a May 19 opening. (See the slideshow.)

Yes, this is a beautiful boutique hotel in Oak Bluffs, hanging right over a harbor on Martha’s Vineyard. With tasteful touches to remind you of your formative summer experiences, like arrows on your room’s walls, modern lanterns serving as bed lamps and the occasional rope swing.

But you’ve grown a bit since camp. So instead of sharing a cabin with some soap-phobic adolescents, you’ll have your own spacious, bright room with fine linens, a private bath, a 40-inch flat-screen with Apple TV, a Bluetooth radio and an iPad, and maybe even a porch for staring at the sea. Or that iPad.

You’ll explore beaches by day, stopping into local restaurants, then tasting the offerings from a nearby brewery and meeting people. When you return, you’ll hit the cantina for a Dreamsicle, then meet your new friends in the game room to watch movies and play games like foosball, Twister and ping-pong.

And completely forget to write home.


70 Lake Ave
Oak Bluffs, MA, 02557


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