Mama Shelter Hollywood Rooftop Deck

Dinner, Drinks and Movies High Above Hollywood

A Hollywood Rooftop with DJs, Shawarma and Views for Days

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It’s a bird. It’s a plane.

It’s... you.

You’re way up on the Mama Shelter Hollywood Rooftop Deck, which is the finest thing to happen to the sky in a very long time. It opens this week and is now taking reservations for events. Check it out here.

Imagine a slice of paradise was skimmed off the Caribbean and placed on top of a hotel. It’s all banana trees and colorful mismatched chairs around a white palapa bar below a corrugated crown. And you can see everything from up here. Everything. It’s nice. And there’s foosball. Here’s how you’ll use the place...

For shawarma-y dinner dates.
Two-thirds of this is a restaurant serving Mediterranean food. You’ll have amazing views of the sunset and Downtown’s lights rising over your salmon kebabs and falafel.

For those summer nights.
They’ll have DJs playing African funk, tropical stuff, old-school soul and hip-hop. Plus the occasional acoustic band. Nothing you can’t order margaritas over.

For movie dates.
They’ll be screening classics—think Godard and Wes Anderson—up here. Plus some notable premieres.

For meeting someone.
It’s going to have a yoga studio, so you can buy a drink for someone fresh out of your lotus positions or whatever.

Tequila’s vegan, right?


Mama Shelter Hollywood Rooftop Deck
6500 Selma Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90028


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