Things to do for March 30, 2016

The Weekender

A Hair Band Festival, a BBQ Festival and the Biggest Brunch in All the Land

<em>Batman v Weekend</em>

A Street Art Auction at... the Ritz

A Street Art Auction at... the Ritz

Then: street art in Wynwood. Now: street art at the Ritz-Carlton. Turns out, there’s an auction there tomorrow night with an open bar, live art and no reserve. So, technically, you can throw out a $1 bid for a piece from Kazilla or Kenny Scharf. Technically.

Late-Night Happy-Hour-ing in SoBe

Late-Night Happy-Hour-ing in SoBe

Someone finally put happy hour where it belongs—from 8pm to midnight. That someone is Café des Arts, and it’s got $4 beer and wine, $10 charcuterie plates and $50 bottles of champagne. Plus a gratis shot if you can prove that you’re an artist. Bar napkin origami totally counts.

Fridays, 8pm-midnight, Café des Arts, 22 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, 305-534-2555

Warrant and Ratt and FireHouse, Oh My

Warrant and Ratt and FireHouse, Oh My

Let’s just get right to your questions about Saturday night’s ’80s rock festival:

Q: Who’s playing?
A: Bret Michaels, Night Ranger... Nelson.
Q: Oh man, Nelson. What’ve they been up to?
A: ...
Q: Okay, so what else?
A: There’s an ’80s arcade. And a salon for on-the-spot ’80s hair.
Q: Help?

Just a Massive, Five-Hour Brunch

Just a Massive, Five-Hour Brunch

Before Monday happens, maybe partake in something that’s not... that. Like a five-hour brunch where pitchers of mimosas will accompany live music, pork belly pancake sliders and lemon-ricotta beignets from the likes of Fooq’s, Finka and Bachour Bakery. Maybe Monday won’t happen after all.

Apr 3, 10am-3pm, no cover, The Citadel, 8330 NE 2nd Ave, RSVP here

All of the Barbecued Meats Live Here

All of the Barbecued Meats Live Here

Seems like you should be getting some barbecue this weekend. Maybe because it feels like summer outside. Or maybe because you already smell the harmonious convergence of Kansas City–, Texas-, Argentine- and Brazilian-style grilling that’ll be coming from Wynwood’s BBQ fest on Sunday. Probably a little of both.

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