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A Website That Deals in Suites and Nothing but Suites

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It all started innocently enough.

Oh, maybe it was a little indulgent, sure. You knew that going in.

But, hey, you were in Las Vegas and things like that just kind of happen there. When you awoke, however, you found yourself changed forever.

You are now a suite person.

The cause: Suiteness, a hotel website dealing in that precious commodity known as the luxury hotel suite. Now that it’s expanded its reach outside of Vegas to New York, Miami, LA and soon London, we thought you’d like to know.

Before you sign up, you should be aware that using Suiteness may cause:

—An intense desire to sleep in a two-bedroom Bel-Air hotel room with patio jacuzzis and Krug champagne chilled for your arrival.

—A propensity to throw around phrases like “My suite has its own private swimming pool” whenever you visit Miami.

An inability to stop ogling pictures in this slideshow.

—The delusion that you are qualified to be the president just because you’re in New York, staying in the Surrey’s Presidential Suite that comes with a baby grand, a personal chef and access to a rooftop garden.

Living in New York penthouses can apparently have that effect.

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