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Sushi-ing Yourself Silly in a Former Auto Body Shop

Sashimi and Wasabi Rice Pudding in Sunset Harbour

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When you hear the words “Sushi Garage,” you may initially be inclined to picture a former auto body shop turned sushi staple that’s now open in Sunset Harbour.


That’s good. Stick with that.

Because yes, it’s true. And for the record, it looks nothing like an auto body shop. Though if you look carefully, you’ll find subtle odes to its former life among the dangling fish sculptures and the fresh ginger growing all around the place. Like the wing nuts being used as chopstick holders. And the roll-up garage door. That last one isn’t very subtle. Still.

And date-night potential? Sure. That’s one way you could go. Juvia’s chef Sunny Oh will be back in the kitchen here, so that’d be a good call. But a group would feel just as at-home in one of the semicircular booths toward the back. With sashimi, yes. But also tacos fashioned out of shishito leaves and stuffed with toro. Hot pots. A round or two of the Fat Qcumber with cucumber vodka, yuzu sake and St-Germain.

All of which will pretty much be a prelude to the wasabi rice pudding coming your way.

It being a dessert and all.


Sushi Garage
1784 West Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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