This Transforms Anything into a TV

A Smart Projector That’ll Screen Anything

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
In a world where anything can be streamed on your phone in a matter of three seconds...

No, yeah.

You’d still want a portable Bluetooth smart projector that can screw into any light socket and screen anything you want.

Something like Beam, a projector that does what we just said, which will make a rather convenient and enjoyable addition to your life, available now.

It looks like the head of some sort of sleek and modern office lamp. It’s not. It’s got a computer inside of it, which means it does other, better things, such as:

Play the newest episode of whatever on Netflix as soon as you enter the living room.
Yep, just like that. Which will save you so much prep time.

Hang above your kitchen counter and project any recipe you desire onto the countertop.
The multitasking potential is strong.

Wake you up with music, news, weather...
Set a time, aim it toward your bedroom wall (or ceiling, if you please) and await the magic.

Or, you know, go back to sleep.

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