Solidarity at Warszawa

Warszawa Reveals a Secret Cocktail Bar

It’s Behind the Bookshelf, and It Goes Like This...

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You don’t just stride into a restaurant’s supply closet and start pushing furniture around.

Not unless you want martinis or something.

That’s the play at Solidarity at Warszawa, LA’s best (okay, only) Polish restaurant, and definitely the only one with cocktails hidden behind its walls. It opens tomorrow in Santa Monica, and here’s the slideshow.

After 37 years, Warszawa has made some changes. There’s that new name referencing your favorite revolutionary Polish labor movement. And everything’s generally just more open and nicer inside. But what really interests you lies beyond that.

Pass through the dining room and into the supply closet. Pry open the white bookshelf beside the ice machine. You’ll enter a homey little lounge of vintage furniture, red curtains and a bar bearing lots of vodka and other drinkable things. And past that, the covered patio of your patio-est dreams.

It’s all ready for you and 29 friends to privately get together in. Or for a cozy date by the faux fireplace. Somebody might be playing the piano that evening or holding a class on the perfect martini.

Perhaps you’ll enjoy a Warszawa Llama (a rosemary-tinged mule) in a leopard-print chair. Or a Zywiec pale ale to assist with the telling of your war stories.

Like that time you learned how to pronounce Zywiec.


Solidarity at Warszawa
1414 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA, 90401


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