A Hover, Not a Fighter

Finally, a Hoverboard That Actually Is a Hoverboard

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
2015 was a big year for hoverboards.

They were outlawed in New York City.

They made fools of countless eager uncles.

They... occasionally burst into flames.

Also, they didn’t actually hover.

Enter 2016, a not-so-distant future where the ArcaBoard, a hoverboard that actually hovers, now exists and is available for preorder.

That’s right. No wheels. No fires. No Biebers. Just 36 high-powered electric ducted fans creating 272 horsepower’s worth of hoverability over land, water, snow or ice. All packed into a footprint slightly larger than a skateboard.

To steer, you’ve got the choice of using your phone’s Bluetooth or doing it the old-fashioned way—shifting your body weight in the direction you’d like to travel.

And all it takes to be swooshing past the wheeled masses, Marty McFly–style, is 20 grand and enough patience to wait till April when these start shipping. Self-lacing shoes sold separately.

There was no way we were getting through this without at least one Back to the Future reference.

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