Things to do for December 02, 2015

The Weekender

Hot Sauce, Ties and Star Wars Ice Cream

Is this the weekend? Is this just fantasy?

This, Here, Is Star Wars Ice Cream

This, Here, Is <em>Star Wars</em> Ice Cream

Star Wars–themed ice cream feels necessary.”
—Someone from Ample Hills, a Brooklyn creamery that’s collaborated with Disney on flavors like the ultra-dark, fudge-brownie-filled Dark Side, and the marshmallow, homemade-crispy-cluster-filled Light Side.

Knit Ties, Ties of All Lengths

Knit Ties, Ties of All Lengths

For a custom knit tie from Thursday Finest, all you have to do is choose from three patterned styles, pick a color and plug in your height (so it’s the exact right length). A knitting machine will take care of the rest. Let’s hear it for the knitting machine.

Just Some Handsome Notebooks

Just Some Handsome Notebooks

These guys scour the globe for the nicest vintage papers out there, and then turn them into really damn nice-looking notebooks, so you don’t have to. Unless you want to. In which case, by all means.

A Fine Selection of Shearling Coats

A Fine Selection of Shearling Coats

There are a lot of nice shearling coats out there. So we narrowed down the selection for you: the silk-and-alpaca Billy Reid, the classic Tom Ford, the definitely-not-classic Ralph Lauren... Didn’t narrow it down too much, is what we’re saying.

Making Your Own Hot Sauce

Making Your Own Hot Sauce

You could go to the store and buy a bottle of hot sauce. Or you could acquire this kit with spice blends, a strainer and other necessities, and become a veritable hot sauce mogul. Either way.

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